18-day UK trip (London, York, Edinburg, Liverpool)

A trip in the United Kingdom is something everybody should do at least once in their life! Grab a friend or your family and visit the cities of London, York, Edinburg and Liverpool! Traveling within the UK has never been so easy!

Day 0: Arrive in London


Day 1-4: Explore London on your own. This amazing city has so many things to offer: the British museum, Tower Bridge, London Eye to name a few.

Day 4: Bus London > York


Day 4-7: Enjoy York. Get on a hop-on, hop-off bus and explore York’s rich history, amazing architecture and wealth of visitor attractions.

Day 7: Bus York > Edinburg


Day 7-10: 3-night stay in Edinburg. Visit Edinburg castle, try the Scotch Whiskey Tasting Experience and don’t miss the chance to taste some traditional Scottish cuisine (haggis and shortbread are a must).

Day 10: Bus Edinburgh >Liverpool


Day 10-13: 3-night stay in Liverpool. Cultural capital, birthplace of The Beatles and UNESCO world heritage site, Liverpool has amazing attractions, a proud sporting history and beautiful coast and coutryside.

Day 13: Bus Liverpool > London

Day 13-18: 5-night stay in London. You have plenty of time to explore the rest of London, but this time try departing from the beaten touristic path and explore London like a local. Visit pubs, markets, parks, pop-up shops and restaurants to get a different view of this vibrant city!

Day 18: Departure from London

Flight prices starting at  €600 pp (point of departure: outside of Europe).

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