Art holiday in Central Europe (8 days, Berlin-Dresden-Prague)

If you are looking for a holiday in the artiest cities in Central Europe, look no more! This itinerary helps you organize your travels and see modernist Berlin, baroque Dresden and traditional Prague. Take advantage of the well-organized train travel this route has to offer!

Day 1-3: Berlin


Take time to explore the rich history of this amazing city. Visit the East Side Gallery, where you can find a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall right next to the river Spree. In addition, Berlin’s modern architecture and amazing nightlife are one of the best in Europe for a reason! Don’t forget to have a picnic at one of Berlin’s many parks and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the city.

Day 3-5: Dresden


The Baroque beauty of the Zwinger is stunning—filled with fountains and pools, it simply leaves you breathless. Furthermore, the New Green Vault displays everything from crown jewels to Ivan the Terrible’s drinking bowl.

Day 6-8: Prague


Prague has so much to offer: starting from the amazing hearty cuisine and the famous Czech beer, to the fascinating architecture and rich history of the city. Even though the trip to the castle may feel too much like a hike for some, the view from above is definitely worth it! Wander around the Old town and the little markets around it and soak in the amazing atmosphere of Prague. Insider tip: trdelník is undoubtedly one of the best baked goods that Central Europe has to offer!

Prices starting at 600 Euro (flights outside of Europe)

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