Bali in two weeks

This itinerary is ideal for a vacation or a honeymoon! It gives you a perfect taste of Bali, without being too strenuous or exhausting.

Day 1-4: Seminyak


Start your holiday in Seminyak, where you can find plenty to do: explore the streets, relax at the beach, try the local cuisine and on and on! Don’t forget to check out the markets at Seminyak Square and do some shopping: you can find everything from clothes to furniture or art galleries. Have a drink at one of Seminyak’s trendy bars (try Potato Head or Ku De Ta) and dinner at one of the many fine dining restaurants (try Metis). Another must-do is getting a massage or two (or three or more)! If you have time, explore the surrounding areas: why not go to Kuta and Legian to shop, have a bite or enjoy the beach. Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, learn how to surf at one of the many surfing schools you can find along the sandy beaches!

Day 5-7: Ubud


Get a taxi from Seminyak to Ubud, which should take between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on traffic, and will cost roughly 200,000 – 250,000 IDR (around 16 Euro).

Ubud is often referred to as the heart of Bali and is known to be the cultural hub, surrounded by picturesque rice fields, and yoga barns. Walk around the Ubud Village and soak in the amazing atmosphere. Try some of the local cuisine (especially the famous Ibu Oka or “suckling pig”) or even learn how to prepare it with one of the many cooking classes (for example Lobong Cooking Class). Finally, don’t miss the Ubud surrounds, as this is where some of Bali’s true beauty lies.

Day 8-10: Padang Bai, Candidasa, Amed


Take a taxi or a private driver to get to Padang Bai/Candidasa/Amed area. This should take between 1.5 and 2.5 hrs and is a scenic drive. These places are a bit more off the beaten track and much more laid back. Go snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving for some of the best experiences ever. Explore the surrounding areas or simply relax at the beach, the choice is yours.

Day 11-14: Jimbaran, Uluwatu


Take a private driver to get back to Jimbaran/Uluwatu area, which have some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali for both swimming and surfing. These are the perfect places to unwind before you go home to your daily grind. Jimbaran and Uluwatu are home to some of Bali’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, although there are some cheaper options available. Visit the Jimbaran local markets (mainly fresh fruit & vegetables and other produce) and have a traditional Balinese breakfast or go to the seafood markets on the beach. See Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Fire Dance (watch out for the monkeys). Jimbaran is also quite close to the airport, so getting home is truly not a hassle.

Prices starting at 600 Euro

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