Island hopping in Greece (12 days, Athens-Mykonos-Naxos-Santorini-Folegandros-Athens)

This amazing itinerary allows you to see the best of the Greek islands and explore Greece’s amazing nature, art and culture. Starting and finishing point is Athens, where you can find connecting flights to almost any part of the world.

Day 1-3: Mykonos


Stroll around Mykonos and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the town. Visit one of the many beaches there and take the chance to go for a day to the island of Delos, which was once the religious and political center of the Aegean.

Day 4-5: Naxos


Go sightseeing in Naxos and explore the massive doorway to nowhere and the ancient castle. The city also offers a variety of sunny beaches and water sports.

Day 6-8: Santorini


Hike to the top of a cliff to see the flooded caldera, surrounded by cliffs rising 1,000 feet above the Aegean. Then head to Ia, where you’ll find the postcard-perfect, cubical white houses that make Santorini famous. Don’t forget to see the ancient site of Akrotiri, nicknamed the Greek Pompeii.

Days 9-10: Folegandros


The main town of Chora is perched atop a cliff and offers stunning views and a magnificent church. Enjoy Folegandros’ relaxed atmosphere and take a stroll around the town square.

Days 11-12: Athens


Athens has lots to offer, but why don’t you start with the Acropolis, the great emblem of classical Greece. Then follow in the footsteps of Socrates and Plato with a stroll through the ancient Agora. Finally, visit Greece’s oldest private museum, the Benaki Museum, which showcases everything from ancient sculpture to 19th-century gowns.

Flight prices starting from 600 Euro (outside of Europe).


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